Color Blindness Tools

This page shall bring together a series of tools related to color blindness. If you are colorblind you might know the situation, that you are looking for the right tool to accomplish a certain task. And it is not easy to find the right one when colors are involved and not colorblind people are providing it.

I hope with this page I can build up nice list of color blindness related tools to help you as a colorblind person in many situations. Or they even can be very interesting for not colorblind visitors.

Color Name & Hue

Color Name & Hue
Color Name & Hue

Do you know the feeling that you see a certain color but can’t say to which main hue this color belongs to? To somebody with a severe color blindness this is something that happens many times a day and something you get used to.

Color Name & Hue can help you out. However you need at least the RGB, HSB or Hex value of the color to find the closest matching color name and its corresponding main hue—with the help of the tool.

It is also possible to just slide around the color spectrum and get a feeling of the 1640 different color names and their corresponding hues.

I often find a color which I just can’t categorize—is it blue or purple, brown or green, red or orange—and Color Name & Hue provides me with the correct answer.

Coblis — Color Blindness Simulator

Coblis - Color Blindness Simulator
Coblis – Color Blindness Simulator

Do you know how it looks like to be colorblind? You surely know that our colorful world looks different. But it is hard to imagine how a color vision deficiency exactly changes your color perception.

My Color Blindness Simulator called Coblis is the right tool to give you an impression of how a colorblind person sees the world. Just transform the sample picture to see how it looks like if you would be red-, green-, blue- or completely colorblind.

You can even upload you own images and see how they change their color spectrum while flipping through the different forms of color vision deficiency. Just try it out.