About Colblindor

My name is Daniel Flück and I am living in Zürich, Switzerland. This website started in February 2006 as a little project and it has ever grown since then.

Some facts about me: I am in my forties, happily married, father of a young boy and little girl, and I am part time employed.

When I am not at home I work as a mathematics teacher. Before that I was was working as a young professional coach, where we offered apprenticeships for young people to learn the job of being a programmer. I also do some IT education for the professionals in our school. Before that I was working as a software engineer myself.

And why do I write about Color Blindness? As you can guess I am colorblind myself, more precisely I’m red-blind. I couldn’t find a source talking about this on a regular basis and that’s why I started the project Colblindor.

I’m not an eye doctor or have any special education in the topic of color vision deficiency. But I am very much interested and learn everyday some new stuff which I really like to share with you. Color blindness is a very broad topic which covers very different areas such as academic backgrounds, online color blindness tests, color blindness in animals, colorblind children, job restrictions as a colorblind person, and many more.

Do you have any further questions? Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line through the Contact Page.

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